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Sell rare U.S. and foreign coins, gold or silver jewelry, diamonds, platinum, and vintage paper money in Columbus, Ohio!

We buy U.S. and foreign coins, gold, silver, diamonds and rare vintage currency, and we’ll beat every price in town! Since opening our doors in 2008, we've set high standards on integrity and great customer service.

The benefits of selling your items to us are that we have:

  • Knowledge and equipment to give you a fair and accurate appraisal
  • Equipment to weigh your items on a state certified scale
  • Supplies to test for carat weight
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and honest staff
  • Larger payouts because we deal in items other than just gold and jewelry

Want to buy coins or jewelry? We have a large inventory of items available now at our store.

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We Buy

  • Gold jewelry and coins
  • Diamonds in all sizes, loose and mounted
  • Silver coins, jewelry, flatware and bars
  • Platinum jewelry, coins and scrap
  • Vintage paper currency
  • All U.S. and foreign coins

If you want to sell your gold, silver or platinum jewelry, diamond wedding or engagement ring, coin collection or vintage paper currency, contact us today. Grove City Coin & Currency is Columbus, Ohio’s premier buyer of gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, coins and currency.

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