interior-platinum-1Sell Your Platinum Jewelry and Scrap in Columbus, Ohio

Wondering where to sell your platinum scrap? Our Columbus, Ohio, store will buy it today along with your platinum jewelry and coins. Trade your platinum for cash!

Platinum and Platinum Scrap

When you are looking to sell platinum items, we carefully assess the value and worth of each item. You’ll always get a great price on your platinum at Grove City Coin & Currency because our experts have all the state certified equipment to get you a fair and accurate appraisal.

Since we opened our doors in 2008, we’ve created a great reputation for quality services and outstanding customer service. We will measure the value of your platinum jewelry according to the market and purity to determine their worth.

interior-platinum-2Platinum We Buy Includes:

  •  Platinum jewelry
  •  Pt 900 platinum
  •  Pt 950 platinum
  •  Platinum coins
  •  Platinum American eagles
  •  Platinum scrap

Because platinum is a scarce precious metal, it’s also very valuable.  If you need fast cash to pay bills, take a vacation, or buy yourself something nice, bring in your platinum jewelry for a cash payout today.

We buy platinum in Columbus, Ohio. For friendly services and amazing prices that you won’t find anywhere else, come to Grove City Coin & Currency and get the best price in town!